Fully Managed Cloud Backup & DISASTER RECOVERY

How long could your company stay in business if you lost access to your data due to a disaster or ransomware? Your data is one of your business’s most valuable assets. Don’t let an unexpected catastrophe—such as a fire, flood, natural disaster, ransomware or power outage—take it all away. Triune InfoTech’s Disaster Recovery services can protect your business with cutting-edge solutions that keep your data safe.

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Your Backup & Disaster Recovery Experts

Triune InfoTech has a team of experts ready to create and implement a customized Disaster Recovery Plan for your business. We listen closely to your concerns, then discuss a plan that covers all departments, processes, and assets. We’ll ensure that you fully understand and can implement your plan effectively in the event of an emergency.

Our managed backup and disaster recovery solutions leverage both on-site local backups and top-notch cloud backups so that you’re completely protected whether you get hit with a minor incident or you experience major data loss. Your data is your business, so don’t take a chance when you could have complete peace of mind.


Triune InfoTech offers a variety of services to provide the best Disaster Recovery Plan for your business:

Fully Managed Backup Solutions

Triune clients have access to our full suite of Cloud backup solutions, including full file and folder backups. Our data backup solution also gives you peace of mind that your critical files are always accessible, no matter what happens.

Local & Cloud Backups

We combine local on-site backups with the best cloud backup solutions in order to keep your costs down while giving you a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan. Whether it’s a minor data loss incident, ransomeware, or a natural disaster, we’ve got you covered.


Our support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so you don’t have to worry about unplanned outages throwing your business off schedule. Your team can easily access powerful applications, data files, and email, even during a disaster.

Data Restoration

Triune InfoTech offers fast data restoration services that can restore your business to full function with minimal downtime. With our advanced Remote Data Recovery tools, we don’t have to wait for a physical site to be accessible—we can help from anywhere!

Benefits of Partnering with Triune InfoTech for Disaster Recovery

  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced risk of data loss
  • Consistent, round-the-clock support
  • Enhanced security for your company and data

Industry-Leading Security: Our security plan includes implementing multi-factor authentication, securing files with enterprise-grade encryption, and more to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your accounts.

Work with Triune InfoTech for Your Disaster Recovery Needs

Triune InfoTech has years of experience delivering reliable Disaster Recovery solutions. Our team is committed to your business, and we take the time to create a plan that will help you thrive in an emergency situation. We have extensive resources available, meaning less downtime for your business, so you can start getting back to work quickly.


Step 1


We start with a full assessment of your existing IT infrastructure from servers to networks, communications, backups and more to assess your disaster preparedness. 

Step 2


We set up both physical and cloud to integrate with your backup and disaster recovery plan so you’re completely covered. We’ll set recovery objectives to ensure that you know what to expect in any situation.

Step 3


Your systems will be tested at different spots to ensure that data is protected and that recovery is functioning correctly.

Step 4

Ongoing Management

Once your systems have been optimized, installed, and tested, we’ll continue to provide monitoring so you can rest easy knowing your business is secure.

Why Choose Triune Infotech For Disaster Recovery?

  • Relationship Oriented: Our focus is always on our clients and their business goals, and building relationships is one of our top priorities.
  • Business Minded: Our greatest reward is getting to learn about your businesses’ goals and needs and creating solutions that position your company ahead of the competition.
  • Future Focused: When we create a roadmap for your business, we’re focused on implementing solutions that will help you achieve long term goals and provide lasting value to your business.


Don’t Wait for a Disaster to Protect Your Data

Ready to create a Disaster Recovery Plan that’s tailored to your business? Contact our team of experts today for a free consultation to see how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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